Toll Collect – Innovation for future-proof mobility

Since the start of the toll system in 2005, the convenient and unproblematic toll collection and invoicing procedure has been linked inseparably to the name Toll Collect. Together, the employees have made Toll Collect the technology leader and reference system for satellite-aided toll collection. The company is a reliable partner of the German Federal Government, with a proven track record in handling the toll, and ensuring toll income of several billion euros every year. The success of the system is also increasingly making Toll Collect the pioneer for a European toll collection system.

The company's innovative strength is also reflected in its modern brand image, which forms the basis for all communication activities.

Our client:

As a full-service provider, Toll Collect is responsible for the entire process chain for truck tolls in Germany. Since January 1, 2005, the company has successfully operated an innovative satellite-aided toll system for trucks from 12 tonnes on all motorways and, since August 1, 2012, on around 1,100 km of major trunk roads. Toll Collect has at its disposal a refined technical system that complies with the highest quality requirements, is scalable and interoperable. Through fair and transparent financial participation of the users in line with the "user pays principle", the system has, since its launch, been making a significant contribution to maintaining and financing the infrastructure in Germany.

Our task:

Since 2008, SpiessConsult supports the Berlin-based company in the development and implementation of different strategic PR activities, in corporate design and in employee communications. Furthermore, the agency has produced a corporate brochure and a recruiting brochure for Toll Collect.

Corporate communications / Integrated campaign 1

Communications offensive provides information on the expansion of toll payment obligations

In the course of expanding the obligations to pay toll on trucks of 7.5 tons or more and on further sections of federal roads, SpiessConsult was commissioned to develop an accompanying communications campaign for the European announcement of the changes. The 2015/2016 campaign covered advertisements in more than 40 trade publications in 7 countries, online placements with over 2 million impressions and the shipment of posters to more than 2,000 service partners of Toll Collect throughout Europe.


Corporate communications / Integrated campaign 2

Creation and content for a staggered international communication initiative on tolls on all federal highways

On 1 July 2018, the toll route network was expanded from 15,000 km with 9,000 tariff segments to around 52,000 km with more than 140,000 tariff segments. Since then, the toll obligation has applied to motor vehicles and vehicle combinations from 7.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight on all motorways and now throughout Germany on all federal roads.

Toll Collect has further developed the toll system to extend tolls to all German federal highways. All important information for toll customers was transported between 2016 and 2018 by an integrated communication initiative.

SpiessConsult developed the motifs for the advertising campaign at home and abroad for both print and online.

In addition, SpiessConsult developed various information booklets/supplements for different target groups.

Corporate literature / Corporate and employer branding

Toll Collect – Achieving more together

The image brochure portrays Toll Collect as a technology and services-led company that resolutely acknowledges its responsibility to the Federal Government as the client, but also its responsibility to the workforce, society and the environment.

What is true of the company as a whole is also true of the members of the Toll Collect team, some of whom are featured in the new staff brochure. Exciting tasks and true teamwork make Toll Collect an attractive employer, which this year celebrates its tenth birthday. The Toll Collect employees are at the heart of the design concept, and are the most important ambassadors of the company.


Event / Employer branding

Displaying its strengths

Toll Collect is highly visible as a corporate and employer brand at industry events and on platforms where young specialists are seeking an interesting profession. The recruiting and employer branding communications of the Berlin-based service provider are aided by an easy-to-erect, easily transportable show stand in the Toll Collect look, as well as corresponding roll-ups and diverse POS media.



Internal communication

Staff event to mark 10 years of Toll Collect

The Berlin-based toll specialist is celebrating its 10th anniversary – and with it many employees from the very beginning who have helped to build up the company since 2002. This commitment was honoured for the first time in November 2012: with a very personal award at special events. Since then, such events have taken place every year, at which the agency is allowed to support the content and design.