Employer Branding - what is it?

Employer branding combines marketing concepts with brand building, brand management and employee communication with the aim of presenting an attractive employer brand. Because a consistent and strong employer brand is the prerequisite for finding, inspiring and retaining the right employees in times of "war for talent". Employees are the most valuable asset and the basis for any company's success.


Employer Branding. If you are an employer brand, you have a strong attraction for the best talents and satisfied employees who are happy to recommend the company to others. What is the best way to do this? Talk to us.

A strong employer branding is one of the decisive factors for the competitive success of tomorrow

The employer brand is the structured and designed way in which the company is to be perceived as an employer in the labour market. Long-term goals: More efficiency in personnel recruitment, more suitable applicants, particularly qualified and capable employees who identify with the company and feel emotionally attached to it.


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Practical examples


Medium-sized auditing company with a new profile

Toll Collect

Technology company with a strong team.


Examination and certification company with interesting tasks.