What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

As part of society, companies have a great responsibility towards their employees, customers, neighbours and the environment. More and more companies see themselves as "Good Corporate Citizens" and are resolutely assuming the associated responsibility – through a wide range of commitments and a wide variety of measures in the areas of society, culture, education and sport.

Any commitment that goes beyond the legal requirements (compliance) is summarized under the term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Important aspects of entrepreneurial responsibility include activities in the entrepreneurial environment (market and product responsibility), relevant ecological perspectives, but also responsibility towards one's own employees and other stakeholders.

Corporate Social Responsibility – Success through partnership

It is important for companies to be perceived as part of society. However, it is just as important to make the services visible to the general public. The only way for companies to benefit from their commitment themselves? By differentiating themselves more clearly in the market, standing up for values, motivating employees and retaining them at the location and developing new target groups and markets.


Corporate Social Responsibility: Many companies are part of society and assume great responsibility towards their employees, customers, neighbours and the environment. But do your target groups also know this? Let us take care of it together – get in touch with us.

Corporate Social Responsibility – The Challenge and Opportunity of Corporate Communications

Communicating corporate social responsibility activities offensively is a challenging task. This means that companies can lose their credibility if CSR communication is too promotional. In many cases, "greenwashing" accusations become loud when communication is too reminiscent of advertising and self-praise.

CSR activities are perceived most credibly if they are understood as part of the corporate culture. Therefore, internal communication plays a key role in the appropriate presentation of CSR commitment. Employees should internalize CSR as an important corporate issue and can communicate this self-image to the outside world as credible corporate ambassadors.

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