When does one speak of corporate design?

The term Corporate Design (often abbreviated to "CD") refers to a part of the corporate identity and includes the entire, uniform visual appearance. The CD is based on the defined brand values of a company or organisation.

Corporate design is much more than just the "logo", with which it is sometimes equated conceptually – even if the logo is of course the central component of the corporate design. The CD describes basic elements such as the word/image brand (company logo), primary and secondary colours, typography, brand sound, visual language and provides binding layout principles for the design of all means of communication – for example, the design of business papers, advertising material, product design, packaging, websites, films, events, building markings or even workwear.

The special way of the uniform company appearance is elaborated and defined in detail as a set of rules in the so-called Corporate Design Manual (CD Manual).

Why Corporate Design is an important factor in competition

Consistently used, the CD serves the consistent appearance in the public as well as the fastest possible achievement of a high degree of awareness and also a high recognition value. Both have a massive influence on the behaviour of active and potential customers and are also of very high relevance for all other stakeholders of a company or institution.

High awareness and recognition are the prerequisites for messages about the company to be placed with the target groups and assigned by them. This is the only way to successfully communicate positioning and goals and implement communication that is perceived appropriately by all relevant interest groups.

Corporate Design: The defined visual appearance of a company (often called "CD" for short). The CD describes central design elements such as the company logo, colours, visual language, typography and layout principles for the design of all communication media, and is defined in a corporate design manual. Corporate design is an important factor in competition because it is decisive for a high level of awareness and recognition. The latter are a prerequisites for successful communication with active and potential customers and all other stakeholders. Here we are the right agency partner – get in touch with us.

The challenges that we can help corporate design managers to overcome

  • Control of corporate design processes
  • Design of word marks, figurative marks and other logos and trademarks
  • Creation and maintenance of analogue and digital corporate design manuals
  • (Co-)design and supervision of all designed communication media of a company, internal and external
  • Development of brand management platforms in the intranet or as extranet
  • Processing of requests for details and application rules of the corporate design (Global CD Help Desk, Coaching)
  • Prevention of unwanted personal interpretations in corporate design
  • Planning, development and operation of company internal / company-wide platforms for brand management and corporate design support
  • Control of external service providers such as agencies
  • Maintenance and further development of corporate design manuals analog / digital

Does your corporate design make a difference?

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