Are you looking for a communications service provider who understands what your target groups need? And who understands what you want above all else?

  • Then get to know us. And we'll get to know you.
  • Because there is no such thing as off-the-shelf communication, even if many network agencies want to push forward the "industrialization" of communication work. And as a result, in your day-to-day business, offer you interlocutors on the agency side who cannot act at eye level with you.
  • Communication is always something personal, special and unique. Your topics and communication tasks require dedication, thorough understanding and a passion for good communication. And that's what they deserve.
  • We have understood that and practice it. During the last 13 years at SpiessConsult. And before that for 12 years in large owner-managed agencies in Germany and the USA. In hundreds of projects. For American companies, numerous Dax groups, medium-sized companies or institutional clients.
  • And maybe for you, too.
  • On request, we will be happy to provide you with contact information for our current or former customers so that they can form their own opinion.

Are you also looking for a communications service provider who’s good with numbers – and who pays off for you in particular?

  • Communication is also a cost factor that must be amortized. And it is well known that the merchant's profit lies in purchasing.
  • We have worked long enough in a top 15 German agency and in major American agencies to know which overheads and other cost factors one can confidently do without.
  • This means that we have a very lean business model. We are as big as necessary and as small as possible. We pass on the resulting cost advantages to our customers.
  • As a result, our conditions are significantly lower than those of the large network agencies - and that with comparable or better performance and higher personal consulting quality.
  • If you like: You can count on us.

Do you have many ad hoc tasks and need quick help if necessary?

  • All right, all right. We have a lot of experience with short-term assignments and our agency model is designed for fast actions and reactions.

Would you like to continue working with several agencies and not commit yourself?

  • That is no problem, we are flexible and not vain, as you will experience. And we work silently with others.
  • For complex projects, we have often worked together with other agency partners at the request of clients. And in the case of integrated projects, we have also acted as lead agency for the project management of complex communication initiatives.

Would you like certain partial services for an already running project?

  • This is easily possible. We quickly find our way in and cooperate with other service providers in an uncomplicated manner.

Would you like to commission only on a project basis and not commit yourself?

  • Then we will be happy to offer you a fixed price for clearly definable tasks. For this purpose there is an hourly price list and an object price list, which we will gladly explain to you in detail during a conversation.
  • In the case of tasks that cannot be precisely estimated in advance, we take our work into account on a time and material basis on the basis of the previously agreed hourly price list.
  • We will be happy to explain to you in a personal meeting how we proceed in detail here.

Would you like to plan a bit more long-term and secure further cost advantages?

  • In order to dedicate ourselves intensively to your topics and to be able to offer and reserve a continuous team for you, we make a (retainer) agreement with a fixed contingent of hours per month for the services you need.
  • Hour quotas that have not been used can be moved to subsequent months (of the current calendar year).
  • In the case of larger projects, certain defined threshold values for the agency's own services can be agreed if necessary. If these are achieved in the current year, a percentage reimbursement, a credit note or a free additional service in the next planning period is made at the end of the year.
  • We will be happy to explain these possibilities, which are usually laid down in a framework agreement, to you in a personal meeting.

You want full transparency for all running agency costs?

  • We provide you with a monthly (for complex projects also weekly if desired) budget status with an outlook for the next planning period. So you can keep an eye on your finances.

Would you like an agency partner who is really involved in your topics and who proactively advises and supports you?

  • Then you will experience us in a long-term cooperation as a passionate partner, who deals intensively with your topics without being asked and who knows what your customers and employees think and what your company is all about.

Would you like an experienced, permanent consultant as your contact?

  • We have an experienced consultant for you, who holds all the threads together on your projects, internally as well as externally. He steers the team of project managers and creatives, who intensively familiarize themselves with your topics and your company.
  • In addition, one of the two managing directors, Ina Spiess or Robert Fuchs, will always be part of your consulting team – and always available for you.

Do you want sparring partners for employees in your own communications department?

  • We work integratively and with foresight and control complete, complex processes in communications work.
  • In this respect, as "external internal" we can also temporarily substitute or completely replace capacities in your company that are not currently available.
  • In addition, we offer workshops, training courses and practical trainings to further improve the cooperation between you and us as an agency and to support the "onboarding" of new communication staff in your organisation.