The three "i "s – they stand for inspiration, ideas, innovations and mobilize Bayer employees worldwide

Bayer launched its Triple-i initiative to encourage its employees around the world to think outside of the box and submit potential business ideas. Based on a new design, a multi-phase integrated campaign was developed with posters and ads plus an Intranet Special and POS activities. Among other things, SpiessConsult supported Bayer with the organisation of events, such as an event for awarding prizes to originators of the ideas.

Our client:

Bayer is a global company with core competencies in the life science fields of health care and agriculture.

Our task:

In 2005, Bayer launched its Triple-i initiative to exploit the creative potential of Bayer employees throughout the world and encourage the culture of innovation outside hierarchical levels. In an integrated worldwide employee campaign that was introduced throughout the Bayer Group via a wide variety of communication channels, all employees were encouraged to submit ideas for new products and areas of business. The range of services provided by our agency included developing the name, campaign logo and an independent image for all the activities and materials. In addition to this, a multi-phase international campaign was developed, consisting of posters, ads, a brochure, an Intranet Special, banners, give-aways, prizes for people submitting ideas, and motivation events. The campaign won the special Bayer Excellence Award 2006.

Corporate Design

Strong design of its own – with the Bayer CD

To give Triple-i sufficient assertiveness and get the workforce to take it on board, strict corporate design guidelines were developed for the entire communications campaign. This modern look was also the basis for a toolbox in ten languages with which the people responsible for communications at all Bayer sites around the world were able to implement the measures themselves according to their individual local circumstances.


Intranet / Web Content

Internal web special supports the targets of the Triple-i campaign

In the global mobilisation of all Bayer employees, the Web Special developed by Bayer for the Intranet played an important role. Here, the employees not only had an opportunity to submit their own ideas without any complicated procedures, the Intranet Special also helped them come up with new ideas. It also gave detailed information connected with Triple-i. SpiessConsult supported this campaign in its concept and content.


Group-wide poster campaign

Posters draw constant attention to the campaign

To keep the Triple-i initiative alive over a long period, attention-grabbing posters were put up at Bayer sites calling on the workforce in several phases to take part in the campaign. There were also special posters dealing with individual topics such as the specific search for ideas covering the subject of pet care.


Events / Live Communication

Events to reward the originators of the ideas and motivate the employees

The highlights of the Triple-i initiative were the events held to reward the originators of the ideas for their commitment.The presentations were made, for example, by the member of the Bayer Board of Management responsible for technology. There were also professional show performances at these events to inspire the guests and make the award presentation a festive occasion.

Literature / Employee Communication

Kick-off brochure calls on the employees to take part

To introduce the campaign to the employees, a kick-off brochure was printed in ten languages, plus a flyer giving information about the initiative and explaining the procedures involved in submitting ideas. Special motivation was provided by flyers calling on the employees to come up with specific ideas for a certain area of business (e.g. animal health).



"Tri-Novatum" statue as an attractive sculpture for the prize winners

Employees whose ideas are deemed worthy of being pursued further within the Bayer Group receive an artistic sculpture – a "Tri-Novatum" statue – in recognition of the fact. It symbolises the three main aspects of the initiative: “Inspirations, Ideas, Innovation". The trophy was created by the Krefeld artist Franz-Josef Vanck, who regularly exhibits his works in cooperation with various galleries in Germany and abroad.


International campaign / Integrated communication

Large response around the world

The Triple-i initiative has made a major impact at the Bayer sites around the world with more than 10,000 ideas submitted so far. The communication measures developed by the people responsible in the individual local companies in accordance with Bayer's Corporate Design were also very varied. SpiessConsult looked after the creative adaption and implementation of the campaign in ten languages.