e-Learning: worldwide, internal communication initiative for self-determined learning of employees

New tasks and solutions need new knowledge and new skills. But how do we get the information we need quickly and practically at work right now? e-Learning is the answer - and opens up a new world of knowledge for all Bayer employees, without waiting.

Lifelong learning is a basic prerequisite for every individual and for an internationally successful company like Bayer as a whole. Accordingly, Bayer wants to make employees curious about thousands of new information and course offerings for all functions and hierarchical levels - and provide optimal support for all online learners.

In collaboration with Bayer, SpiessConsult developed the basic creative ideas for the two-stage internal communications presence this year and next, implemented an integrated set of measures with internal advertising and PR measures as well as accompanying Q&As and tutorials, and supported the Talent Management department at Bayer in project implementation.

Our client:

Bayer is a global company with core competencies in the life science fields of health care and agriculture.

Our task:

SpiessConsult supported Bayer with the launch of a new global e-Learning library and developed a striking design and an integrated package of measures for the roll-out of employee communication.

Internal communication / Integrated communication initiative

New learning – wherever and whenever you want

The new Bayer e-Learning program offers employees the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills on their own initiative. The contents can be individually selected by the employee according to his personal level of learning and knowledge. The approval of the superior is not necessary. The use is also free of charge for the employee. Good content can be recommended to colleagues. And best of all: learning can be started without delay and in direct context with the professional tasks. The range of content is broad and consists of four core fields. These were specifically taken up in employee communication from spring 2018 onwards.



Classic advertising / Poster campaign

Campaign motifs reveal the secret of Bayer employees' success: They are e-Learning now ...

In the first communication phase "I am e-Learning now" we therefore show protagonists who have just opened a new chapter in lifelong learning. You are just discovering that self-improvement is the first step towards more success and satisfaction in your profession - and you let viewers participate in it.



Intranet / Tutorials / Digital Content

Tutorials show quickly and easily how to make the most of e-Learning at Bayer

How exactly e-Learning works is demonstrated by tutorials on the Bayer Intranet, which SpiessConsult developed together with Bayer. They guide you through the basic functions of the e-Learning platform and give tips and hints on how to find the right thing among more than 10,000 teaching contents.



Events / Event / Live Communication

Presentation with reminders at relevant points of interest

To promote the new e-Learning offering, materials are available for information campaigns in canteens and at HR events, which the locations can implement decentrally.


Company film / Video content / Digital advertising

Videospots with Bayer employees: How to discover the e-learning effect

In the second communication phase, the focus is on finding a quick solution to an acute professional problem. Together with Bayer employees, SpiessConsult produced four video clips on typical job situations where a questioning face looks for a quick answer - and finds it: with e-learning!