Complexity reduction – Bayer focuses on the essentials

The resources and activities of the Complexity Reduction Program are intended to create an awareness of the necessity and importance of workflows and processes that are as simple and efficient as possible. The core message: Increasing productivity by reducing complexity enhances the success of everyone’s work. The internal campaign relies on an independent look within the corporate design, enabling it to stand out in the internal communication competition at Bayer.

Our client:

Bayer is a global company with core competencies in the life science fields of health care and agriculture.

Our task:

The goals of the Complexity Reduction Program (CRP) at Bayer are to identify unnecessary complexity in all work and business processes and to reduce it as far as possible. The program relies heavily on the initiative and responsibility of the employees, who are to proactively foster efficiency and productivity in the workplace in their respective environments. SpiessConsult was tasked with the development of a communications concept and an internal campaign for the roll-out and ongoing communication of Bayer’s CRP program. In the first step, SpiessConsult developed an overarching conceptual design that links up a complete set of activities and resources via various channels.  Poster motifs, a flyer, roll-ups and trade show panels used to fit out a presentation stand as well as giveaways were used in the process.

Poster campaign

Attractive series of posters succinctly presents CRP

An internal series of posters with various motifs draws attention to the campaign and invites staff members to find out more about it. A simple didactic principle is implemented creatively. The posters are each divided in half: on the left, complexity is illustrated with appropriate pictograms that are resolved on the right. The command “SIMPLIFY!” additionally highlights the negative complexity.


Event / Live Communication

CRP addresses the target group of employees directly

A stand in front of the Bayer canteen at which the employees were proactively approached drew special attention to the topic. The staff members were able to talk directly with those responsible for the initiative and learn all about it as well as participate in a contest. The contest medium was a flyer in which the employees were requested to reflect on their own work and to submit ideas for reducing complexity in their own environment.


Give-Away / Live Communication

Magic Cube – an ever-changing and attention-getting format

A magic cube that can be swiveled in many different directions so that new cube surfaces show up over and over again conveys the core messages in a playful manner. The central design elements are the poster motifs of the internal campaign. In addition, the staff members are made aware of the Complexity Reduction Program intranet site.