Carbon Nanotubes: How even the tiniest of things can make a big impression

For the Inno.CNT Innovation Alliance, SpiessConsult took over the entire communications work. First of all, based on an integrated communications concept, aspects such as the name, logo and CD manual were designed. A detailed Q&A catalogue, an argumenter, management presentations, the office equipment and a brochure followed. SpiessConsult was also responsible for the press relations, Internet and Intranet sites, a film as well as various conferences and events.

Our client:

The Innovation Alliance Carbon Nanotubes (Inno.CNT) is a closely knit research network and a public-private partnership that is quite unique in Germany. More than 90 reputable partners from science and industry are involved in Inno.CNT. It is part of the German government's high-tech strategy and is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. These carbon nanotubes have the potential to revolutionise entire areas of materials technology. CNTs are of major relevance for Germany as a location for industry and also for future jobs. The aim of Inno.CNT is to make full use of the potential of CNTs in a wide variety of applications.

Our task:

SpiessConsult was commissioned to develop a tailor-made integrated communications concept for the entire multiannual duration of the project, and to take into account very broadly based and specialised target groups. Scope of services: Development of the name and logo for the campaign, corporate design, concept, text and design of all information materials (website, brochure, flyer, posters). Other services included the conception of an Extranet site for coordinating the more than 90 partners, the development of FAQs in preparation for press and public relations, the design of trade fair and event equipment, and the editing of management and PPT presentations. SpiessConsult also runs the information and press office on behalf of the Alliance.

Corporate design / Corporate identity

Fascinating look with a strong effect

Due to the great importance of the initiative for Germany as a business location, the corporate design adopts the basic colours of black, red and gold and stages them in a fascinating way. The visual language is characterized by motifs from research and development and additionally shows applications that do justice to the initiative's approach.


Website / Internet presence / Web content

Stylish website for demanding target groups

The website is characterised by the defined design rules, and communicates all the relevant information about Inno.CNT to the broader public. Structurally, in addition to the detailed presentation of the individual projects, the press segment is very important. Similar to the Internet site, SpiessConsult developed an Extranet site linking the project partners throughout Germany to one another and making the research results accessible to all relevant partners.


Events / Congresses / Live communcation

Intensive exchange of ideas with top-class program of supporting events

The events of the Innovation Alliance have become a true meeting place for the industry. Apart from the possibility of presenting the project results to the other partners of the Alliance and discussing them afterwards, the participants were able to make new contacts and strengthen existing ones between the interesting supporting events. SpiessConsult made valuable contributions to the concept, content and organisation of the events and also looked after the journalists there.


Corporate film / Video content / Trailer

The Inno.CNT kick-off event in picture and sound

Proinent speakers from politics and industry, dedicated scientists, practically oriented engineers and many other experts were the main players at the kick-off event for the Innovation Alliance Inno.CNT at the end of January 2009. Film of the two-day event, which featured not only the scientific dialogue but also an attractive agenda of supporting events, was edited by SpiessConsult, resulting in an absorbing documentary that illustrates the relevance of the topic with numerous statements and brief explanations of carbon nanotubes.


Print media / Corporate publishing

Easily understandable image brochure and fact sheets

At the heart of the brochure is a detailed presentation of the Innovation Alliance Inno.CNT and the individual projects. The main topic describes the importance of the initiative for industry and society. For each project, a fact sheet was published offering background information on the main areas of research.


Press work

Intensive dialogue with the general public

Good press relations work is pivotal for intensive dialogue with the general public. Alongside specialist articles, interviews and features, SpiessConsult organised innovation events with politicians from all parties.