Bayer and Leverkusen – a strong team

To draw attention to the importance of Bayer for the Leverkusen region, Bayer launched an integrated campaign in 2009 and commissioned SpiessConsult to develop, with a well-balanced communications mix, posters, ads, radio spots, a photo competition, a quiz (in cooperation with the Rheinische Post) and a detailed Internet Special. Bayer rounded off the campaign with various press releases, features and events. The campaign won Gold at the Econ Awards 2010.

Econ Award brochure

Our client:

Bayer AG – a globally operating company with core competencies in the fields of health care, nutrition and high-tech materials.

Our task:

In close cooperation with the city of Leverkusen, Bayer AG has been giving financial support for many decades to a variety of cultural, sports and social activities in Leverkusen. SpiessConsult's task was to develop a campaign that focused on this CSR commitment. Our solution was a cooperation campaign that directly involved Leverkusen and, based on the very successful collaboration between Bayer and the Leverkusen community, highlighted the attractiveness of the city and the surrounding region. The communications media and activities for the integrated campaign included posters, advertisements, radio spots, online advertising, a Web Special, news articles and press releases dealing with events in Leverkusen, e.g. a photo competition and a quiz with questions about the region. The resultant campaign won Gold at the ECON Awards 2010 in the category "Strategic corporate communications".

External communication / Integrated campaign

The ad and poster campaign was a big success

The ad and poster campaign met with an outstanding response in the Leverkusen region with the result that the city made additional space available to put up more posters. Supported by emotional visuals, the posters highlighted subjects such as education, sport, art and culture, the economy and voluntary commitment.


Website / Internet presence / Web content

Attractive Web Special puts Leverkusen into the spotlight

The Web Special is the central platform for anyone wishing to learn more about the diversified region around the Leverkusen site. Bayer, of course, also contributed a number of articles dealing with the surrounding area. Users also had an opportunity, via the Web Special, to take part in a photo competition and quiz. SpiessConsult supported Bayer with the concept, text and design.


Online marketing / Banner advertising

Attention-grabbing banner points to the Web Special

To increase traffic for the Bayer CSR Internet Special, attention-grabbing banners were placed on various popular websites. These included, for example, the websites of the two daily newspapers, the Leverkusener Stadtanzeiger and the Rheinische Post. Alongside the ads, the banners also focused on the photo competition and quiz.


Radio advertising

What you should know about Leverkusen

Leverkusen is so varied that 20 seconds are simply not enough to list everything that the region has to offer. With this fundamental idea, radio spots were broadcast in which listeners were encouraged to visit the Web Special.