Uniform brand identity and group-wide brand management as central value drivers

The introduction of the new corporate structure and the new coloured Bayer cross in 2003 was accompanied by different, mainly decentralised brand developments, most of which reflected the organisational structure. Bayer therefore performed a "brand- optimising process", followed by a reduction in the number of brands. The aim was to concentrate on the two value drivers, "corporate brand" and "product brands".

Against this background, SpiessConsult was asked to develop a concept for a holistic brand management platform and to test and standardise, and, if necessary, develop new basic statements for the brands, brand strategy and basic design guidelines for the entire Bayer Group. The brand optimisation process in 2010/2011 and the Identity Net received the Silver Brand Award 2011 in the "Brand Stretching" category".

Our client:

Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the Life Science fields of health care and agriculture.

Our task:

With the focus on the key value drivers for the Bayer brand strategy: the umbrella brand, the product brands and the mission statement "Science For A Better Life", SpiessConsult was charged with the task of optimising the Bayer Corporate Identity / Bayer Corporate Design. In the course of these activities, the agency since 2010 developed binding conditions and standards for the worldwide implementation of the new brand strategy. The "Bayer Identity Net" was then set up as the central contact point for information connected with brand strategy and brand management and to deal with various design requirements for all Bayer Group media. 

As lead agency, SpiessConsult was responsible for synchronising the content of all sections, coordinating the service providers and implementing the entire project through to the launch. Since then, it has been the central point of contact in coordination with Bayer Corporate Branding. For 8 years, the agency has been in charge of the Global Helpdesk of the Identity Net and answers questions from Bayer employees worldwide on a daily basis.

Brand strategy and brand management

Strong branding through uniform Corporate Identity / Corporate Design

Apart from reducing the variety of (sub) brands, the aim was also to modify the heterogeneity of the entire Bayer brand identities in the internal and external communications and create a uniform, consistent communication system in order to achieve an unambiguous image of the company and its products and services for the global communication target groups. For this reason, SpiessConsult developed CD guidelines for all communication channels (e.g. office equipment, print and electronic media, trade fairs and exhibitions etc.), which are focused on the two value drivers: corporate brand (Bayer cross) and product brands.


Brand management platform

Modern, user-friendly online portal for the Bayer employees

The Bayer Identity Net contains a stock of well-grounded, clearly understandable information on the brand, brand values and design. Furthermore, users can conveniently and quickly access templates and tools for their everyday work in the "media pool", the asset management tool with intelligent search function. The web-based service helps to implement a long-term binding and uniform global Bayer CI/CD for the Group and its subsidiary companies, and also allows the establishment of a central brand management system.


Tutorials on the digital promotion of the brand management platform

SpiessConsult has created online click tutorials that offer practical tips and tricks on the Bayer Identity Net and various functions – such as the Logo Finder for quick searches for the right brand or the search for photos in the media pool. Step by step, the operation can be tried out directly by the user clicking his way through the tutorial, i.e. learning by doing. These audiovisual tools enable faster learning by actively involving the user in the listening and reading of the instructions.

Supplementary print media

The information flyer on the Bayer Identity Net

As a supporting communication tool for the Bayer Identity Net, SpiessConsult has developed and designed a flyer, available to employees throughout the world. The flyer contains the most important messages and statements on brand strategy and on the new basic design elements such as the Bayer cross.


Supplementary print media / corporate publishing

The brand asset management poster

The poster depicts, in a very compressed but clear form, the basic statement of the brand Identity Net. It provides Bayer employees throughout the world with an overview of the fundamental brand messages and shows at a glance the optimum implementation of the design specifications for various media.