A campaign motto stands for "behaviour with integrity": Compliance W.I.N.S.

To make all Bayer employees constantly aware of the importance of Corporate Compliance for all companies, SpiessConsult was commissioned to develop a global campaign using not only posters and ads but also an Intranet Special and training documents in four languages.

As part of a realignment of the Bayer Compliance Organization, the 2012-2016 campaign is presented in a new look that takes up typical conflict situations in terms of content and presents employees with solutions.

Our client:

Bayer is a global company with core competencies in the life science fields of health care and agriculture.

Our task:

As in all companies, Corporate Compliance at Bayer covers an extensive set of rules obliging all employees to behave in accordance with the laws and regulations. SpiessConsult supported Bayer in the launch of the updated Bayer Corporate Compliance policy throughout the Bayer Group. A copy was sent to all employees to make them fully aware of the importance and scope of the subject. The accompanying campaign devised by SpiessConsult covered the development of the campaign logo Compliance W.I.N.S. ("Worldwide Integrity is Necessary for Success“), presentation documents, information posters and ads and articles for an Intranet Special. In 2012/13 several new video spots were added as part of a new campaign.

Corporate Design

Campaign logo to embrace the communication activities

The campaign logo developed by SpiessConsult attracts plenty of attention to the Corporate Compliance campaign in Bayer's internal communications competition and underlines the enormous importance of the subject.

Corporate films / Digital Advertising

Video spot series sensitizes employees for compliance

As part of the educational advertising campaign at Bayer, a series of TV-spots dealt with diverse situations of non-compliant activity. The first spot centers on corruption. The second film shows a conflict of interest that may rather easily occur in everyday life, e.g. by friendly turns and favors.


Making-of Video:



Dialogue campaign for Corporate Compliance

A dialogue campaign supported the objectives of Corporate Compliance at Bayer and calls on the workforce to embrace the topic more intensively.

The starting point for the motives shown in 2012-2016 was the conflict in which many colleagues find themselves: How can I get the business moving and still be compliant? The core message: In case of doubt, the Compliance Officer is available to answer this question.


Social intranet / Digital content

The Intranet as platform for information and exchange

With the re-launch of the Corporate Compliance Intranet in 2012, all global Bayer employees are provided with an updated central platform for all issues around this subject. Alongside topical information, news and advice, the new appearance offers a range of service functions (e.g. trainings) as well as the facility to conveniently contact Bayer-Compliance experts.