SpiessConsult supports private equity fund MYCapital with capital market communication

Düsseldorfer Werbeagentur advises Private Equity Fond on brand development and communication strategy // Tasks include corporate design and all important communication media.

Against the background of low interest rates, numerous investors are increasingly looking for alternative investment opportunities. Private equity funds offer particularly attractive opportunities. In this segment, MYCapital specialises in the investment of so-called secondary private equity funds. Private equity secondaries have the advantage that the capital is usually paid back faster than with a "normal" private equity investment.

The personal expertise of the fund management plays a key role in generating appropriate returns in this environment. The aspect of "personality" was therefore the focus of the development of a word-image brand for the fund. The initials of the fund managers were integrated into the word mark.

The tasks of SpiessConsult include strategic consulting, the development of a long-term communication concept, the development of a name and logo, the corporate design as well as the realisation of a website, flyer, PPT presentation and business stationery.

SpiessConsult GmbH & Co. KG is a consultancy in the fields of corporate communications and employee communications based in Düsseldorf. The company offers its clients the entire range of services of an advertising agency and a PR agency. His work focuses on strategic corporate communication for companies, institutions and organisations, the development and management of corporate brands and product brands, corporate design and corporate identity as well as employee communication relating to corporate change processes.

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