Corporate design/Corpoarate identity

CD/CI: Face of the brand and value architecture

Brands are internal images that we connect – consciously or subconsciously – with products, manufacturers, firms, institutions etc. These internal images influence our actions and thoughts in a variety of ways. The challenge is to make the brand perceptible, to successfully position it in an intensive brand competition, and to ensure that it becomes established. The CD must be oriented to previously defined brand values and lay down binding fundamental elements such as brand and company logos, primary and secondary colors, typography, imagery and layout principles for the Internet, brochures, ads, events etc. Based on the criteria by which decision makers in industry and administration assess the reputation of a company or brand, we develop a self-conception in the form of a value architecture. With this methodical tool, we describe specific strengths, special characteristics, performances and values of companies and institutions for a unique, future-proof identity.

Show a strong profile

A rigorous Corporate Identity and a consistent Corporate Design are key elements of a brand. They give the company a face and thus provide a consistent and unmistakable brand identity.

This high recognition factor is a pre-requisite for messages to be associated with and attributed to the company. Only in this way can the positioning and targets be successfully communicated and the communication correctly perceived by all the relevant interest groups.

Example of Corporate Design/ Corporate Identity: RLT Ruhrmann Wüller & Partner.

SpiessConsult specializes in attracting attention to a company's brand. Its strategy is based on a strictly adhered-to image (Corporate Design) and a credible positioning (Corporate Identity). Our holistic approach also keeps a close eye on how the brand can attract as much attention as possible with the efficient deployment of financial resources so that we can offer you a very fair cost-to-benefit ratio. Based on our many years of experience in CI/CD development, we know which brand components are key to achieving your targets.

At the same time, we have outstanding expertise in the field of design and ensure the necessary visibility, profile and recognition. This covers, for example,

  • Corporate Design concepts, including CD manuals (online/offline)
  • Company, product and campaign names
  • Company logos, special campaign logos
  • Corporate principles / mission statement