A new self-image for a dynamic energy and telecommunications group

Strategic communications consulting and the development of a corporate corporate story were the central tasks that SpiessConsult carried out for EWE, the fifth-largest energy service provider and provider of modern telecommunications solutions. In addition, SpiessConsult provided EWE with communicative support in the form of contributions on the organisation during the AG's formation, corporate literature, input on Board of Management interviews and Internet texts on corporate presentation.

Our client:

EWE – at home in northern Germany – is one of the leading energy and telecommunications companies in Germany. As a multi-service provider, EWE operates in three business areas: Energy, telecommunications and information technology. EWE has developed a unique integrated range of services for its customers and is active along the entire value chain in natural gas and electricity. The production and storage of natural gas is one of our core competencies. EWE focused at an early stage on the production of electricity and heat from renewable energies and has know-how in this field that is recognised throughout the industry. EWE also markets its services nationally and internationally, for example in Poland and Turkey.

Our task:

As a consulting firm, SpiessConsult was a "sparring partner" in a far-reaching change process - from company to group. The upheavals in the energy and telecommunications industries, deregulation and competition made a realignment of the Group necessary. Our tasks included strategic consulting in the development of a corporate story, the formulation of the new self-image and support in the development of corporate communications in the reorganized Group; in addition, text and design contributions were made to employee media, the Internet presence, corporate literature, Executive Board interviews and press work.

Print publications / corporate literature

An innovative energy service provider introduces itself

The task of the image brochure was to portray EWE with its special business model. The visual language illustrates the North German origin of the company, its commitment to the environment and nature and, in particular, the people in the region.