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Bayer Cares Foundation – Corporate Social Responsibility of Bayer AG

A campaign logo and a correspondingly attractive design were at the center of the communications activities that SpiessConsult implemented for the Bayer Cares Foundation. To introduce the program, the Düsseldorf-based advertising agency invented the Helping Cents, two small, personified and appealing cent pieces with laughing faces, who do good and want to help. Together with the logo “Helping Cents”, they comprise the new logo for the donation program.

Our client:

The Bayer Cares Foundation has been a partner of Bayer AG and part of its CSR activities since 1897. Its work focuses on social innovation and social commitment. It fosters a pioneering spirit and offers a trust-based forum for the fruitful partnership among industry, science and civil society. However, extraordinary commitment requires resources. Thus, the Bayer Cares Foundation supports voluntary projects of staff members from the Bayer Group and the local environment of its sites around the globe with project-based financial aid. It focuses on innovative approaches that are sustainable and function as models.

Our task:

The “Helping Cents” program was set up to finance the foundation. This makes it possible for Bayer staff members in Germany to donate the cent amounts from their pay slips (after taxes). Bayer AG then doubles these donations. In the future, Bayer staff members in other countries will be able to participate as well.

To reach as many Bayer employees as possible and to encourage them to participate in the program, SpiessConsult was commissioned to develop a memorable campaign logo. Both were to be piloted in Germany, but needed to be functional worldwide. Together with Bayer, SpiessConsult developed communication materials that familiarized Bayer employees with the donation program via various channels (including posters, newspapers, participatory campaigns, film).

Animated film / Digital advertising

“Oh when the cents go marching in”

The agency designed and produced an animated film that explains the donation program to Bayer employees in a brief, easily understandable manner.

This film brings the Helping Cents to life. They are happy to be part of something bigger - and not “just” neglected small change. More and more cents assemble and sing together while they contribute to the work of the foundation. For the film, SpiessConsult developed the idea, plot, and look as well as new music composed along the lines of the old gospel hymn “Oh when the saints (cents) go marching in”.

Supplementary print media

Communications materials for targeted appeals to the employees

SpiessConsult created a campaign poster and postcard to match the “Helping Cents” program and the film. Moreover, the Düsseldorf-based advertising agency designed the branding for the Bayer service platform via which the staff members can register for the program.