SpiessConsult creates new appearance for yoga school in Düsseldorf

Revamping of corporate design for Yoga-Oberkassel // Agency tackles various communication tasks

The trend towards health and fitness continues unabated, and this has also increased the interest in yoga among broad sections of society. Because yoga schools are becoming more and more popular, yoga instructors and yoga training centres need to communicate with the general public to an ever greater extent. In this particular case, the aim of the communication activities is to provide more information about the various types of yoga so that people intending to take up the sport can choose the right course for them. On the other hand, yoga schools face ever more intensive competition and must advertise their offerings in the best possible way.

Against this background, SpiessConsult has revamped the appearance of the Yoga-Schule Oberkassel. The first task undertaken by the agency was to further develop the school’s corporate design. Based on this, flyers and posters were designed, the website was overhauled and the external branding renewed.

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